Fredericktown Police Department

The Fredericktown, Missouri Police Department is committed to providing quality public service to its citizens in accordance to federal, state and local laws, with a commitment to professionalism, fairness, compassion, efficiency and effectiveness.

The Uniform Patrol Division is the most visible of the police officers and are seen patrolling the city streets, subdivisions, and shopping centers on a daily basis. As part of their regular duties, they scan the city for criminal activity, traffic violations, and problems that relate to public safety, which include responding to a variety of emergency situations. Patrol division officers are first responders on calls for police service. The patrol division is truly the backbone of the police department. Their complete and accurate initial investigations assist the criminal investigative unit in the prosecutions of criminal offenders.

124 North Main Street
783-7401, 783-3660

Our Staff

  • Eric Hovis, Captiain
  • Jason Fitzwater, Detective
  • Michael Sletten, Seargent
  • Hank Williams, Officer
  • Danny Curtis, Patrolman/Canine
  • Kenneth Milam, Police Officer
  • Joseph H. Barber, Reserve Officer
  • Timothy Guemmer, Reserve Officer
  • Jacob Ward, Reserve Officer
  • Dan Welker, Animal Control
  • Erica Johnson, Municipal Court Clerk